performance art video lab

5 till 25 august

La Jetée by Chris Marker / Stable Diffusion Lens


experiment - explore - subvert

... this summer with artistic experimentation in a performance art video lab where sensuality meets subversion.

From 5th to 25th August at
we'll be exploring the boundaries of performance art, challenging commercial norms and finding ways to create and present work-in-progress.

Within this lab the format of the commercial is deconstructed and applied to performance art, situating the consumer within the logic of the market and exploring its disfunctionality with regard to human behavior.

pavl<3 experiments with
Forms of performance art
Sensual synergy
Contemporary video dance
Subverting commercial norms and expectations
Collaborative and solo projects
Video art and performance documentation



... is a laboratory for artistic experimentation, where you'll be encouraged to explore the intersection of performance art, commercials, sensuality, and subversion. We’d like to create a supportive and safe enough environment that opens up to innovation, expansion-liberation, and artistic development, playfully free from the constraints of commercial pressures.

How to participate
Send an email to with the subject ‘inscription video lab’ and include your website/social media or an introduction of your artistic work. A call sheet and sheduling tool will be sent to you after applying. The duration of your participation is defined by the project that you realise.

5th until 25th August, variable timeframes

Avenue Jean Volders 24, Brussels