What is it to have a sense of security? Could it be dangerous to feel secure? Is it more secure to prepare for risks and danger? Does taking risks lead to security? What does security feel like on different scales of interpersonal, social, economic and political interaction, and how do they relate? We will explore senses of security: in somatic, social, and political realms through somatic practices, relational protocols, embodied simulation, social prototyping and discussion.

As part of her residency au JUS Susan Ploetz invites the public to two LARP sessions to re-experience and negotiate existing socio-legal spaces and technocratic structures. LARP stands for live-action role-play, a method where players interact with each other and their physical environment in a fictional setting. In these sessions we will explore together how the interpersonal and bodily sense of security can be transferred to social and legal conventions.

Senses of Security’
by Susan Ploetz

4 & 11 November, 12:00 - 17:30
Role- play workshop 

The workshops are free of entrance and no previous experience is needed. Food and drinks (for immunity) are provided. We advise you to join for both sessions. Limited places available only. 

9 November, 18:00
Artist talk & discussion

Susan Ploetz who will give insight into her methods and motivations for her live action role play “Senses of Security”. You are welcome to join in discussion afterwards in attempt to unravel together the term “security” , it’s shifting meaning over time - on different scales of existence and social configurations.  
Susan Ploetz is an artist-researcher working with somatics, theory, writing, performance, sound, simulation and live action role plays (larping) in different configurations. She explores body-centered game design and narrative-building play as co-creative world-making that develops individual agency within spontaneous, ephemeral, decentralized communities. Ploetz has presented work at institutions such as the Berliner Festspiele/Martin Gropius Bau, Sophiensaele, ABC Art Fair, Rupert, Documenta 13, Performa, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Aoyama Gakuin University, Unsound, UdK Berlin, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Piet Zwart Institute, the DAAD, SUNY Buffalo, ArtEZ, Dutch Art Institute.

Susan’s residency is part of the ongoing research Il/legal Fictions