We Work O'Clock, Deborah Bowmann, 2022

au JUS is a non-profit organization. The running costs of the project are covered by the regular contribution of its members and short term-rentals of the space.

Any revenue will be used to give free space and time to community-oriented, activist and artistic projects.

We aim to hold space taking into account exisiting asymmetries aswell as historical and material inequalities. 
Address: Av. Jean Volders 24,
1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium

Level 0: basement : 45m2
Level 1: gallery: 38m2
Level 2: apartment: 40m2

For a monthly contribution of 100€ (sliding scale) you have a floating desk space in the gallery and can use the kitchen, bathroom and basement studio (including technical equipment) whenever it is not used for events.  

Standard: 70 € per night
Reduction tbd

Commercial: 200 €
Non-Profit: 100 €
Reduction tbd

Want to share space? Get in touch via: contact_aujus@proton.me