Plutonic Bonding

By Nick Koppenhagen & Bea Xu

Saturday 29 June

12pm - 6pm
Full-day LARP (with breaks) at au JUS & surrounding sites in Brussels

Sunday 16 June

12pm - 4pm
Semi-public playtest at au JUS & surrounding sites in Brussels

Ϛʍҽąɾվ çӀօմժ çɾąʂհҽʂ ìղէօ էհҽ քąէհ օƒ ʍìӀҟ.

Ͳհҽ վҽӀӀօա ժաąɾƒ ҍҽçօʍҽʂ ą ɾҽժ ցìąղէ.

ටӀժ ʂօìӀ ҍմɾղʂ էօ ąʂհҽʂ.

Ꭰօҽʂ էհҽ ɾҽժ ցìąղէ Ӏҽąѵҽ?

Ͳաօ ҽցցʂ ąɾҽ ҽցց ąցąìղ.

During a time of ecological unravelling, Plutonic Bonding is a psychogeographic LARP connecting players to terrains across multiple timelines at au JUS and its surrounding sites. Equipped with an inventory device applying the method of loci, a shallowly deep lore of the cosmos is uncovered as characters are guided to encounter and encode the entities inhabiting the land – whomst may well hold the key to accelerating extreme microclimates of the near future.

Bea & Nick focus on bringing groups of people together as temporary autonomous communities to explore reciprocity, play and embodied worlding in online and offline formats. Their residency at au JUS will continue their work with groups and collectives, fostering artworlds of weirdness and experimentation.

Bea Xu is an artist and psychotherapist based in London. Their work has been exhibited at Gossamer Fog London, Rupert Vilnius, Podium Oslo, Studio ALTA Prague and Steuben Gallery NYC - with live events commissioned by ONCA Brighton, Furtherfield Gallery London and FORMA London, among others.

Nick Koppenhagen is a Berlin based conceptual artist interested in game-like aesthetics and experiences. His work has been exhibited at places like Kunsthaus Hamburg, Schinkel Pavillon Berlin and he has given presentations at Harvard University and La Gaîté Lyrique Paris.